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                        PRODUCT DISPLAY
                        Our company's "superstar" brand series casters are widely used in all walks of life
                        It has the characteristics of flexible rotation and reliable positioning
                        WHY CHOOSE Superstar Casters
                        Various tests to ensure the quality of universal wheel Function test of parts to
                        ensure the stability of customer's long-term use

                        • Garbage container caters
                        • Roll off container parts
                        • Container bogey wheels

                        The company wins the market with the product concept of "excellent quality, reasonable price, timely service and reputation first". In order to better meet the needs of customers, we will continue to meet customer needs and achieve customer satisfaction with the manufacturing concept of "rapid response to products, meticulous quality and management", corporate culture of "quality, integrity, responsibility and gratitude", and the cooperative attitude of "unity and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win".

                        Function test of parts to ensure the stability of customer's long-term use

                        Xiangtan Superstar Casters Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in producing and exporting casters, which can produce approximate 800,000 pieces of casters per year, mainly include 10 series and 200 specifications. The products have been exporting to many countries and regions such as U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Hongkong etc. At the same time it is very popular in the domestic market because of its high quality, furthermore, we have good reputation among of our customers......

                        We have a strong technical staff and high quality equipments. we have established a set of technology programmes and test programmes completely. According to principles of the best quality and the best service for our customers. We are unceasingly developing, creating, improving our products.

                        Welcome to visit our corporation and give us your precious advices.......

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